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«Chemical Physics and Mesoscopy» Journal

The journal «Chemical Physics and Mesoscopy» publishes articles and brief reports on the results of original research, corresponding to the scientific profile of the journal, in the following areas:

  • combustion and explosion processes
  • mathematical modeling of physical and chemical processes
  • clusters, cluster systems and materials
  • interphase layers and interaction processes in them
  • quantum chemical calculations
  • nonlinear kinetic phenomena
  • nanoelectronic devices and devices

Publishing advantages are given to articles on dual technologies: civil and military, as well as results introduced into production.

The purpose of the journal is to create a platform for discussion for specialists in these areas of knowledge.

The journal is included in the List of peer-reviewed scientific publications, in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of candidate of science and the scientific degree of doctor of science, the international abstract database «Chemical Abstracts», the citation system of the RSCI and the database of VINITI RAS are to be published. Information about the journal is published annually in the international reference system for periodicals and continuing editions Ulrich's Periodicals Directory. Index according to the United Catalog "Press of Russia", v.1 Newspapers and magazines 86198.

The editorial office invites both specialists from Russia and foreign partners to cooperation. Materials in the journal «Chemical Physics and Mesoscopy» are published free of charge. All submitted materials undergo a preliminary examination by the editor-in-chief and an independent review by specialists in the relevant field.

When using materials for non-commercial purposes, a link to the organization is required. The journal does not restrict the author's copyright and publishing rights.

Founder and publisher of the journal: FGBUN «Udmurt Federal Research Center of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences». Address: 426067, Izhevsk, T. Baramzina str., 34

Editorial office address: 426067, Izhevsk, T. Baramzina str., 34, UdmFRC UB RAS,

Tel. (3412)-20-35-14, e-mail:

ISSN 1727-0227 (Print), ISSN 1727-0529 (Online)

The certificate of registration of mass media:

El № 77-6666 of 10.12.2002 at the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Press, TV and Radio Broadcasting and Mass Media