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Requirements for the design of materials

The article should include the following structural elements:

    1. UDC.

    1. Information about the author(s): surname, name, patronymic, position, academic degrees and titles, affiliation with the organization – in Russian and English.

    1. Title – in Russian and English.

    1. Abstract (at least 150 words or about 1000 signs with spaces), reflecting the relevance of the research, sources and methods used, the main results and conclusions – in Russian and English.

    1. Key words (5–7) corresponding to the object and subject of research and the selected UDC index – in Russian and English.

    1. The main text of the article, in which it is recommended to highlight the following sections: introduction (relevance), sources, study of the problem, methods, results, conclusions.

    1. Links (if necessary) to grants and programs that fund the ongoing research, thanks.

    1. References to sources of information are placed directly in the text in square brackets: [Rybakov, 2004, p. 3] or [HAKO. F. 582. Op. 92. D. 20. L. 9]. The article is followed by a list of sources and literature in alphabetical order. The bibliography is drawn up in accordance with GOST R7.0.5–2008 and must include international transliteration (References).

    1. Text: Times New Roman font – 14, single line spacing, automatic line wrapping.

    1. The volume of the article is 0,5–1 author’s sheet (20,000–40,000 signs with spaces). Previous issues can be found in the public domain on the websites of the Udmurt Institute of History, Language and Literature UdmFRС UB RAS (udnii.ru/library), elibrary.ru, cyberleninka.ru, scholar.google.com, etc. 

The article must be carefully edited and signed by all authors. The editors reserve the right not to consider articles that are not formatted correctly, not according to the requirements.

Along with the original article, a license agreement is submitted (one from all authors).